She had been really anxious, like anybody who is arrested

She had been really anxious, like anybody who is arrested


She ended up being really anxious but her biggest concern through the time she ended up being arrested all throughout was constantly what’s planning to occur to her kiddies if she had been to visit jail. And this is originating from somebody who ended up being vehement in her own innocence in myself got to prison that she didn’t know what was going on out there but the charges were very serious and her concern was always my kids won’t have anybody if her dad and. She had been concerned about that from time one, constantly.

JT: and thus whenever you hear some theories about her just making city, exactly what do you consider of this?

Ecker: I don’t think it after all. We don’t placed any water for the reason that. It might be totally inconsistent utilizing the Brandy We handled. I did son’t have a discussion along with her where she didn’t be worried about her young ones. There’s no chance that she ups and departs her young ones specially realizing that her spouse ended up being gonna jail a month or more later, there’s no chance.

That Brandy woke early morning. We understand this because she had been texting with Randall Richmond beginning at 5:54 each day. In reality, between 5:54 and 8:01 that morning they exchanged 28 text messages and Randall called her three times. Continue reading «She had been really anxious, like anybody who is arrested»