Can my dad take cannabis oil while having chemo?

Can my dad take cannabis oil while having chemo?

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Can my dad simply take cannabis oil whilst having chemo?

Okay, therefore I’m just thinking about an options that are few my dad could just take. He is been provided 8mths to 24 months to call home. With respect to the chances. He’ll be having «top up» chemotheraphy to prolong their life and radiation is an alternative too.

So obviously, there was large amount of conjecture around cannabis oil. I do not genuinely wish to hear such a thing concerning the medical side when I want my father to test it anyhow. I’ve perhaps not yet fully explored this program.

But, my concern had been. If my dads medical center bloodstream tests reveals cannabis oil inside the system, will they refuse him chemotherapy?

I understand that is based mostly on whether or not the oil has THC on it. So, if it did have THC with it, would the health practitioners refuse chemo? and if it absolutely was simply CBD, would in addition they refuse chemo??

I am aware THC items are illegal in britain. therefore would the physician report this if my father would be to go on it?

Do not want any judgement, demonstrably I will explore something that will help my father.

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Can my dad just just take cannabis oil while having chemo?

I do not think the nurses may be straight right back until but I’m afraid the answer to most of your questions is going to be «it depends» tuesday. Continue reading «Can my dad take cannabis oil while having chemo?»